The Easiest Way

to Remove Paint from your Old Wood Furniture

1. Test the Paint for Lead

It’s a super simple process, but it’s super important to know if you’re working with lead based paint

2. Brush on the Citristrip Like it’s Going out of Style

I usually dump it out of the container onto the top of the furniture. Then I just move the stripper around with the paint brush until it’s everywhere.

3. Remove the Stripper

Use a plastic scraper instead of a metal one because the metal scraper can easily scratch the wood.

4. Use Mineral Spirits and a Scrubber to Wash Away Remaining Residue.

I typically use mineral spirits (poured into a plastic bowl) and some fine steel wool to scrub off anything that is left.

5. Let it dry

At this point, the freshly stripped wood will be very wet and saturated. I usually go over it a few times with paper towels to wipe up as much liquid as possible.

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