How to

Prepare Furniture For Painting

Krud Kutter Cleaner Degreaser Old Rag 220 Grit Sandpaper Vacuum with Hose and Brush Attachment Tack Cloth Primer

Supplies needed:

Learning how to prepare furniture for painting is super important! Sure, you don’t have to prep wood furniture for paint, but you’ll likely run into some issues with your finished project if you don’t.

Clean with a Degreaser Cleaner and Damp Rag

Step 1:

How to Clean Furniture Before Painting

– Wipe your furniture down with a damp old rag and the cleaner of your choice. – If there is a lot of grime built up, you can scrub it first with a soft sponge, scrubber. – And then I like to go back over it all again with a clean damp rag to make sure it’s all cleaned off.

Scuff Sand with 220 Grit Sandpaper

Step 2:

Prime with Stain Blocking Primer

Step 3: