How to

Use the Fuji Q4 Paint Sprayer & Fuji T70 Spray Gun

– Reusable Filter – Disposible Filters – Small Cleaning Brushes – 1.3mm Tip (should be included with sprayer) – Flexible Whip Hose – Remote Starter – 8oz Mini Cups

Products needed:

Instead of just pouring the paint straight in, I like to pour the paint into a filter first, so I don’t get any dried-up paint, or clumps of anything in the sprayer.

How to Add Paint to the T70 Spray Gun

Simply pull down on the quick connect end of the hose, stick the end of the sprayer into the hose, and let the end of the hose pop back up around the sprayer.

Attaching the Spray Gun to the Hose

Before I spray on my project, I like to test the spray on some cardboard, or paper. This lets me get the settings just right before I spray onto my piece.


As you turn the dial counter clockwise, it makes it so the needle can be pulled back more, making it so more paint can come out of the sprayer as you pull back the trigger.

Material Flow

Then I adjust the width of the spray with the dial on the side of the sprayer. When the arrow on the dial is pointed toward the front of the sprayer, the spray will come out more at a point.


Then I make sure that the direction of the spray is right. You can turn the air cap on the front to make it spray vertical, or turn it so it will spray horizontal.