SurfPrep Sander


When you don’t have the budget for an expensive SurfPrep Sander, but you want one so bad, what do you do? Here’s a great SurfPrep Sander Alternative to get you through!

What's so great about the 3×4 Electric Ray SurfPrep Sander???

– their amazing foam pads – the ability to get into corners    easily – and the vacuum compatibility    to suck up dust

This Ryobi (Detail) Corner Cat Sander can easily get into corners and way cheaper than the SurfPrep sander.

The Best SurfPrep Sander Alternative On A Budget

You can get SurfPrep sander foam pads that will be close to the right size and hole spacing.

Amazing Foam Pads

With this adapter, Ryobi Detail Sander can hook to your shop vac to collect the dust!

Vacuum Attachment

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