Repair (and Stain) Chipped Veneer Furniture

- 220 Grit Sandpaper - Bondo Wood Filler and Bondo Spreader - Old piece of cardboard or scrap piece of wood - Utility Knife - Gel Stain - Lint free rag or cut up t-shirt - Latex Gloves - Polyurethane

Supplies Used:

Prep the Damaged Area by Scuff Sanding

Step 1:

Mix up the Bondo Wood Filler and Spread it Over the Damage

Step 2:

Let the Bondo Wood Filler Dry – Then Sand Down Smooth

Step 3:

(Optional) Add Wood Grain Marks with Utility Knife

Step 4:

Stain the Bondo Wood Filler with Gel Stain

Step 5:

Seal with Polyurethane

Step 6:

Enjoy your masterpiece!

Step 7: