How to Get Rid

of Bleed Through

– The ugly stains on painted wood that won’t go away.

Stop painting over “stains” on your painted furniture. Learn how to really block those stains from coming through your paint, before or after you’ve painted your furniture. Here’s how to fix paint bleed through.


It dries clear, making it a really great way to prevent bleed through if you want to distress the paint on top of it.

BIN Shellac Based Primer

This one is really good for pieces that I’m painting white, or if I don’t plan on distressing the colored paint.

General Finishes Stain Blocking Primer

It works really well to block bleed through in wood, but it only comes in white.

Dixie Belle Clear BOSS

I really wanted a primer without a strong smell, and one that dried clear so I could distress my

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